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Intense Pulsed Light Professional Training

There is no come, pay and forget you approach. You are a part of the team for as long as you need our assistance.

Unlike many others, Shines & Shimmers IPL training offers consulting and support services for your IPL technicians and their clients.

What do you get during you IPL training?

We will help you to find suitable equipment and work with you to establish a set of policies and procedures for your clinic. Your IPL training program in details:

  • Researching various IPL equipment
  • What is the difference between machines
  • FDA and TGA approvals
  • To buy or not to buy (eg to lease)
  • Choosing the right equipment for your practice
  • IPL and your business - financial analysis
  • Choosing insurance for your practice - Not all insurance brokers are made the same -
  • Effective proven marketing strategies
  • Useful promotional activities
  • Finding employment and what are the options


Contact Shines and Shimmers with your IPL training enquires.

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