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Julia Grinberg – IPL Trainer and Clinician

Having performed over 10,000 IPL procedures in the past five years alone, Julia discovered and successfully implemented treatment protocols designed especially for treating hormonal (androgen) induced hirsutism and acne.

Who trains you is not less important than
what they train.


IPL training logoJulia originally trained in Australia and then went to the USA for advanced training. She wrote and published several articles on IPL hair removal and IPL skin rejuvenation. She trained a big number of specialists in the field herself around Australia (Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Gold Coast) and overseas (New Zeland, India, Singapore and Sri Lanka).


Her wide client base includes males and females between 9 and 74 years of age.

Julia helps manage skin and hair issues for sufferers of conditions such as PCOS, Cushing Disease, Various Endocrine Disorders, Pilonidal Sinus and others.

Julia is an active lobbyist for making IPL claimable through Medicare.


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