Anal bleaching is an effective cosmetic treatment which lightens the area around the anus. The skin discoloration is changed to blend with the surrounding areas and dark pigmentation which might have resulted from a number of biological factors is fully or partially dissolved.

Skin Lightening facts

Procedure Name Anal bleaching
Alternative Names Skin whitening, skin lightening, bleaching
Clinical Outcome Balances skin color, rectifies pigmentation
Treatment Cost Special price $99
Alternative Options Take home products: whitening mask, precision cream

Skin lightening ingredients - proven and safe

Anal bleaching treatment enhances the skin of your intimate areas making it look more aesthetically pleasing. Most private areas can be effectively treated and beautified. As a result you regain your confidence and self esteem.

anal bleaching

Most of our clients lighten:

  • Private area around the anus
  • Intimate pubic area and around it
  • Skin between thighs and on your knees
  • Underarms and elbows
  • Other skin lightening body areas


Why is your skin this color?

Skin colour in humans is defined by several factors:

  • The cells contained within the dermis and epidermis provide a natural yellow, white colour
  • Superficial blood vessels provide a blue or red tint determined by oxygen content
  • Melanin (pigment) produced by melanocytes (cells that produce the pigment) scattered within the basal layer of the skin. It is triggered by an enzyme called tyrosinase, which creates the color of skin and eyes and also various hair shades

Melanin production and difference in melanin granules determine lighter or darker skin shades. Melanin also has another key function - it provides natural protection from the harmful ultra violet rays of the sun. Without it the skin is extremely vulnerable and we would have to cover exposed skins with sun screen or risk a greater chance of developing skin cancer.

As we all know the lighter the skin the more at risk it is.

anal bleeching

What does anal bleaching / skin lightening treatment involve?

There are several steps that make anal bleaching, just like any other intimate area bleaching that is performed at Melbourne skin clinic Shines and Shimmers, safe and effective.

STEPS 1-3: It all starts with skin preparation. Cleansing, toning and exfoliating the skin is the very basis of a successful outcome. Correct skin preparation prior to treatment is an essential part of the treatment. It prepares the skin for accepting the formulation and speeds up bleaching results. Dead skin cells must be gently exfoliated with an especially prepared solution. Clean, fresh start to the treatment will help reveal the new lighter skin more quicker.

STEP 4: Once the skin is carefully prepared for the bleaching treatment, a special Lightening Concentrate is applied on the area. It is infused into the skin via a special electroporation device and the formulation then starts working on cellular level.

STEP 5: Once the lightening concentrate is infused a unique whitening moisturising cream is applied on the area. Active ingredients of the natural bleaching solution contain efficient whitening complex that targets the key points of melanin synthesis (melanogenesis), inhibiting it almost completely.

It brings instant luminosity to the area, balances color and prevents and quickly rectifies pigmentation.

As the skin is renewed approximately every 28 days, the new skin comes through lighter in colour


  • Individual’s skin condition affects the outcome
  • Generally results should be noticeable within 3-6 treatments
  • Treatments are recommended twice per week
  • You may feel slight tingling or light burning sensation during the treatment. This is because the cream contains (AHA) alpha hydroxy acids. If excessive irritation occurs you should let us we know and we will discontinue the treatment
  • There are no known side affects to the treatments. No blisters, pain or itching
  • Formula is free from hydroquinone, arbutin and other harmful chemicals