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By popular demand and after a year-long search we have finally been able to obtain a unique bleaching formula that is effective and gentle enough for the delicate parts of the body.

Lightening skin discoloration and pigmentation

Specially designed blend contains proven ingredients for lightening and brightening of the skin. The formula reduces the activity of tyrosinase present in the human skin by inhibiting melanin [pigment] formation in the skin.

The formulation contains a proprietary patented blend of natural skin lightening ingredients which bleaches your skin, even on most sensitive areas, without causing any irritation except for occasional dryness which can be easily treated by an application of a suitable quick absorbing moisturiser.

This formula we use is:

  • Free from hydroquinone
  • Free from Arbutin (a “nicer cousin” of hyrdoquinone)
  • Free from other harmful chemicals
  • Has no recorded side effects
  • Suitable for effective anal bleaching and skin lightening on almost any part of the body

This skin bleaching formula not only has the ability to lighten existing hyper-pigmentation [darkening of the skin] but it will also inhibit future melanin formation. This novel two-tiered approach results in a more pre-emptive and long term skin lightening that is possible from other conventional skin lighteners.


It is recommended that you have at least 2 sessions per week, as great results are achieved with consistent use of the product.


Each session takes approximately 40-45 minutes and price depends on the treatment area.

Today specials

skin white
  • facial skin lightening - $179 (save $20)
  • underarms, elbows - $179 (save $20)
  • anal bleaching - $99 (save $30)

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