Body Slindy Contouring

The Body Slindy Contouring is a new professional Skeyndor range combining western and eastern cosmetics and traditions. The products are made with plant extracts that have incredible properties and contain the essence from age-old trees from the Far East; all blended together with state-of-the art biochemical synthesis ingredients.

Poor Circulation & Cellulite

Poor microcirculation is one of the factors triggering the appearance of cellulite, but as the cellulite progressively develops it becomes a chronic condition.

In the East, since the times of the Chinese Emperors, remedies to aid poor circulation were used. The most useful way was to apply impregnated bandages with extracts from parts of two of the most highly acclaimed trees in ancient China, owing to their amazing warming and draining activities: Ginkgo, cassia and Chinese cinnamon.

SKEYNDOR was inspired to design this professional treatment by the philosophy and principles used in natural / holistic therapies.

The products in the Body Slindy Contouring professional pack, base part of their activity on the "principle of contrasts" a method for correcting or compensating certain aesthetic irregularities by using precisely the opposite or contrasting condition.

Products are made up of substances which manage and re-balance the distribution of the skin mass by

  • Water soluble products to reduce the fat
  • Lipo soluble products with fat associated active ingredients to compensate the excess of retained toxins and liquids

The Body Slindy Line

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Lipo-fat Burning HydraConcentrate

Based on Body Slindy Complex with two "fat burning" molecules acting synergetically to reduce fat accumulated in the skin and prevent any further fat from accumulating.

Body Remodelling Bandage

To redefine the natural architecture of the tissue outlining the body figure. Infused with extracts and plant essence from the Far East for the effective draining effect. Their delicate fragrances create a pleasant feeling of wellbeing that relaxes the body and mind.
Active Ingredients: Chinese Cinnamon, Gingko, Grape

Lipo-massage Draining Cream

Professional massage draining cream for quick movement of trapped fluids that accumulate around the inside of the knees, on buttocks and above the waist.
Active Ingredients: Sarracene wheat, palmaria, gelidium

Home Followup Products

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Cellulite Drainer Shaping Emulsion

Emulsion prepared to efficiently reduce the aesthetic problems associated with the aqueous content of cellulite. Excellent for treating soft cellulite or for losing volume quickly without losing body tone. Contains bioabsorbable calcium which is recommended for contouring the skin. It does not contain caffeine.
Active Ingredients: Phyllacantha, coralline algae rich in bioabsorbable calcium, chlorella, palmaria

Stubborn Cellulite Reducing Gel

An emulsion made with a specific lipo-amino acid for penetrating down to the deepest layers and efficiently reducing the cellulite fat content. Excellent for treating stubborn cellulite and for reducing the "orange peel" effect in a short time.
Active Ingredients: Lipo-amino acid, caffeine, sea fennel, decapeptide, buckwheat, gelidium

Breast Volumising Emulsion

Product based on state of the art body filling techniques to help with breast volume and morphology. Contains an extract rich in ribose, an essential sugar for creating the energy necessary to promote the breast tissue. No hormones activity.
Active Ingredients: anemarrhenae asphodeloides, ribose

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