Home Collagen Induction with skin roller

There are now a number of home use skin rollers available and they come in many different needle lengths, needle diameters and needle numbers, which can make it very confusing for their users.

What is skin needling?

Our skin has a natural ability to heal itself. Anyone who has cut or grazed themselves would have seen this process play out over the course of several days. This ability is a result of the skin generating, or more accurately, re-generating the collagen and elastin cells which are the building blocks of healthy skin.

As the medical grade stainless steel needles penetrate, they create a natural skin reaction where tiny electrical signals are released. This creates a biological chain of events where essential minerals, proteins and new collagen and elastin fibres are discharged and regenerated. After a course of treatments, the skin is visibly revitalised, rejuvenated, replenished and regenerated.

Because skin needling encourages the bodies inbuilt healing mechanisms, even very old stretch marks and scars that may have been on the skins surface for a long time still respond very positively. It is the root causes of the problem being tackled (a lack of collagen) and the healing starts from the inside out.

So where the skin in the past has only managed to heal itself to the point where it's integrity has been restored (ie it has healed itself but left a scar etc), skin needling has given the opportunity for individuals to restore their skin back to it's former state.

How you go to select the best one for treating scars and rejuvenating the skin?
What are the factors and parameters to consider?

  1. Needle diameter is very important factor.
    0.25mm needle diameter is the maximum that can be used without causing a new scar in the skin. Smaller diameter needle skin rollers can be used but do not maximise the dermal injury and therefore will be slower to produce results.
    Overall the task is creating dermal injury without creating a new scar.
  2. Needle length is also a critical. The procedure involves needling  the upper dermis layer called the intermediate reticular dermis. This dermal layer contains the highest number of stem cells which are able to produce new collagen.

    The epidermis of the face varies from 0.3mm to 1mm in depth and therefore a 0.75mm to 2mm needle length is more than adequate to reach the intermediate reticular dermis.

    Needles more than 2mm in length have a tendency to catch and tear the skin.

    The appropriate needle length depends on your skin condition:

    • 0.15 - 1.00 mm - for fine lines, wrinkles, acne, blackheads, pimples, hyperpigmentation, hair loss and infusion
    • 1.0mm - 1.5 mm - for deeper wrinkles, acne/surgical/chicken pox scars, sagging skin, stretch marks, and cellulite
    • 2.0mm - For very damaged, wrinkled skin or very deep scars.
  3. The number of needles on a roller is the least important feature, as repeated rolling causes numerous dermal injuries.
skin roller

Home based needling with skin-inject can be safely combined with the use of serums to maximise improvements for your skin condition.

Home needling established benefit is to enable deeper penetration and absorption of topical products.

skin-inject™ Summary
Skin Condition to treat Collagen induction therapy, products Infusion, Anti-ageing, Acne, Pimples, Blackheads, Enlarged pores, seborrhoea, hair thinning, radiance
Frequency 2-3 times a week to begin with, then as often as desired (max one treatment per day)
Duration As little as 10 minutes
Device last Up to 6 months before a replacement is required
Recovery period No downtime
Pain Minimum discomfort; prickly sensation
Cost $95 per roller

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