Although IPL and Laser are both light-based technologies, there are distinct dissimilarities between the two.

The key difference are:

  1. Lasers use a single wavelength of coherent light while IPLs utilize various wavelengths of incoherent light. There is a large assortment of laser machines operating in clinics and salons. Different equipment would usually operate on different wavelengths and parameters. Various wavelengths of light absorb into (and effect) different substances in our body differently and this can make it very difficult for the consumer to choose the correct laser machine. The machine would have to suit their particular skin and hair type and tone as well as be suitable for treatment of that person�s particular condition [hair removal or pigmentation treatment etc].
  2. Generally laser equipment is more expensive than IPLs, this could potentially effect the price of treatments.
  3. IPLs typically do not require the high levels of power or energy fluence necessary for lasers. High levels of power or energy fluence used by lasers can be associated with such side effects as skin discoloration, crusting and burns/blisters.
  4. As a rule laser treatments are more time consuming than IPL sessions, as size of an area treated per shot is usually significantly smaller.