Hair removal for BLONDS and REDHEADS

Most hair types usually contain pigment and therefore can be treated.

However, very light [yellow pigment], red [red pigment] or white [no pigment] hairs cannot be treated as effectively as dark [black or dark brown or light brown pigments] hairs.

This is because yellow and red pigments do not absorb light as well as brown and black pigments. This means that the darkest, thickest hairs respond best to this type of hair removal treatments.

It would take many more treatments to treat lighter shades with IPL hair removal and higher energy levels may be needed, so more caution is also required to avoid damage to the surrounding tissue. Shines & Shimmers IPL clinics offer substantially discounted prices for people who want to try to treat these lighter shades of hairs because it will take much longer and nobody really know what the end result will be.  

Some therapists and clinics claim to have IPL machines that can treat light hairs effectively. According to scientific evidence it is not possible as light is (discriminatory) attracted to color and is absorbed by it. What many clinics are not telling their clients is that they use a technology which utilises RF [radio frequencies]. As far as our understanding of it goes RF absorbs into ALL substances in your skin/body (including your red blood cells, white blood cells etc) and not just the pigment (which is what a normal IPL does). May be it is this great new trend but thinking logically, if this was such an effective method many other manufacturers would be copying it, and they are not.

However, the two questions we have are:

  1. Has there been enough research done into RF to say what amount of it is safe for the human body? and
  2. How effective it really is?

If you are reading this and you are a manufacturer of "RF IPL machines" or a distributor of one - we would love to hear from you. Please contact Shines & Shimmers head office on 03 - 9557 5755.