Diet generally does not influence hair removal, except for Beta-Carotene, which may theoretically interfere with the treatment. Beta Carotene is found in carrots and vitamin A supplements. When consumed regularly and in large quantities, it is deposited in the skin, producing a subtle orange or yellow colour. This pigment can partially absorb light energy, increasing the absorption of it in the skin. This in turn can slow down the process of follicle destruction. Beta-carotene may persist for months after ingestion.

There are many factors which could potentially contribute to increased hair growth. However, research shows excess hair growth is most commonly related to sex hormones and/or inherited factors. Sometimes body hair is increased by a medical problem. There are two main types of excess body hair.

  • Increase of male-pattern hair growth in women. It is thought to be related to male sex hormones and occurs on face, armpits, chest, and groin area. This type of hair growth is called hirsutism.
  • The second type of excess body hair occurs in areas that are not related to sex hormones. It can happen anywhere on the body, be all over body, or in just one spot. This type of hair growth is called hypertrichosis and can occur in males or females.

These conditions (although not necessarily) may delay the response, requiring more treatments to achieve the desired result.

According to report on �excess body hair� By Adam Brochert, MD, - �� Hirsutism is most often due to inherited causes. Middle Eastern, Russian, and southern European women often have more hair than women of other ethnic origins. Hirsutism may also be due to hormone imbalances, which can have several causes:

  • polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a common condition that is often linked with obesity and abnormal menstrual periods
  • cushing syndrome, a condition in which there is too much of a hormone called corticosteroid in the blood
  • certain tumors that can occur in the pituitary gland, the ovary, and adrenal gland. The pituitary gland is located inside the skull and is attached to the brain. The two adrenal glands are located on top of each kidney. Both glands secrete sex hormones and hormones that are important for metabolism.
  • some medications, such as oral contraceptives, testosterone or steroids, which can cause hormone imbalances.

Overall excess body hair can also be seen in people who:

  • were born to mothers who drank alcohol, or took a seizure drug called diphenylhydantoin, during the pregnancy
  • take certain medications, such as minoxidil, danazol, corticosteroids, or diphenylhydantoin
  • have an underlying cancer, such as breast cancer or leukemia
  • have chronic inflammation of the skin, such as from eczema, trauma or infection��