If you would like to determine whether your hair is suitable for Laser hair removal or IPL hair removal you need to consider several variables.

Most hair types, including lighter shades usually contain pigment and therefore can be treated by IPL. Even though so far our clients have been thrilled with the results, it is almost impossible to predict the exact outcome any individual will achieve. For this reason we do not make any guarantees or claims.

Hair Color and Density

The darker the hair - the better the response. The thicker the hair � the quicker the results. Lighter hair is possible, but difficult to treat. This is mainly due to the fact light hair usually contains pheo-melanin, which absorbs light energy less avidly than the eu-melanin pigment which is present in black or brown hair. White hairs do not contain any melanin and the best form of treatment for grey hair is still electrolysis. (Good electrologysts are hard to find, drop us a line if you need a referral)

Skin Color

Light skin makes IPL hair removal easier to perform. Fewer treatments are required, and better, faster results are obtained. People with darker skin can be treated, but results are slower and more sessions may be recorded. In other words the better the contrast between the hair and the skin � the better and quicker the outcome.

Treatment Plan

Although one treatment session can produce a noticeable long-term result, as a rule multiple treatment sessions are necessary to obtain optimal effects. General recommendation is between 5 and 10 treatments. Breaks between treatments should be from 3 to 8 weeks (depending on area treated, hair removal methods previously used, and quality of your hair). Frequency of treatments gradually decreases.

Hair Growth Cycle

The main reason multiple sessions are necessary is that hair growth cycles vary and not all hair grows at the same time. Only hairs in the active growing (anagen) stage are treated effectively. There is also more melanin present at this stage in the hair follicle, therefore light absorption is greater. Over the course of treatments you are able to catch all or most of the hairs in the active (anagen) growing stage.