Shines & Shimmers

The initial consultation with Shine & Shimmers starts with a comprehensive medical history form which every client completes just before the session begins. Sometimes a cosmetics history is taken, depending on what type of treatment [acne, pigmentation] is needed.

You should allow at least 30-45 minutes for the first visit as all information about the client�s medical background and treatment requirements is collected and discussed at this point.

This is also the perfect opportunity to meet with an IPL therapist and make sure you feel comfortable with them � hair removal treatment plans usually run over many months so you should feel relaxed and confident with your clinician�s manner and skill level.

All IPL clinicians that are employed by Shines & Shimmers have completed their training course and hold a valid professional association membership. They are not students [some clinics employ students to do their IPL treatments].

All our clients are encouraged to ask as many questions as possible because we believe it is only through complete understanding of the body processes as well as the technology that one can recognize all benefits of having IPL treatments. Please also feel free to ask your therapist for telephone numbers of some of S&S clients so you could chat to them.