I am confused - what is the difference

There are many variations of IPL machines currently available and new ones arrive every day. The problem is all distributors claim their machine is the best.

Claims like �Third (forth, fifth etc) generation laser/IPL�. We are not quite sure what exactly these words mean as they probably have different meaning for different people� Some machines are simple IPLs, others are SPLs or VPLs.. then there are SLPLs�

All this can be very confusing not only to the consumer but to the potential therapist.

 The important thing to remember is that many new names can be simply made up by the manufacturers themselves for the purposes of describing the point of difference of their equipment against their competitors�. The truth is that majority of them [excluding those that claim to treat blond, red and white hair] work on the same principle, that is: Light is absorbed by the hair folicle where it creates heat. Hairs are destroyed by this heat. Simple, really�.

To help you understand it all a bit better, S&S staff have attempted to write explanations for some of the most common abbreviations for different IPL equipments you may come across in the media.

  • IPL � Intense Pulsed Light is the name of the technology.
  • SPL � S , in this example, stands for Square pulse. This means the light is equally disbursed under the skin and it takes a lot less energy to achieve the same effect as it would with a "standard" pulse. SPLs are usually lower energy machines but this doesn�t mean they are less effective. Some of these machines achieve fantastic results, others though, will only produce a mediocre effect. The exact results will depend on various other properties of equipment. It is advisable to research your chosen IPL clinic and its equipment thoroughly.
  • VPL � V stands for Variable [pulse]. This allows for multi-pulsing (several pulses of light within each shot) and higher skin protection, making the treatments safer for darker skin types.
  • SLPL � This abbreviation stands for Super Long Pulsed Light. As the name obviously suggests pulses or shots are longer in duration. However, this does not necessarily mean better results. In many cases you would want a shorter pulse but higher energy delivered in that pulse, as it means greater force of light and potentially better response. Good quality VPL machines are able to mimic the �Super Long� part because of their flexibility - operator can change parameters allowing a longer duration of pulse if it becomes necessary. Once again, we strongly encourage you to spend some time researching your chosen Laser hair removal clinic and the equipment it uses

Please note: Laser hair removal treatments, acne treatments, vascular treatments, skin pigmentation treatments can all be performed using this amazing light-based technology. However different parameters are used for each treatment, for every patient.

 The end result of your hair removal treatment plan will depend on many factors including the skill of your laser hair removal therapist, the kind of equipment your skin clinic uses as well as you hair and skin type.