Skin rejuvenation treatments combine treatments for pigmentation and mild vascular conditions. If you wish to remove pigmentation, including brown patches, freckles, or have some types of vascular conditions this is the perfect type of treatment for you. It is non-invasive, gentle and very effective.

Pigmentation caused by exposure to sun and Facial Redness from blood vessels sitting too close to the surface of the skin respond very well to IPL treatments. Again, different configurations to those that are utilized for hair removal are used.

Skin rejuvenation

Some people with no visible pigmentation or vascular condition choose to have this type of treatment solely for its rejuvenating effects. These treatments encourage the production of collagen, which in turn improves skin�s appearance, enhances its condition and results in a wonderfully new texture, color and radiance.


People who have acne or acne scars, fine lines and some types of stretch marks also see a major improvement, usually within a few weeks after the first treatment and do not need to go for more treatments. However, some people may wish to come back for a second and, occasionally, third session for truly amazing results, which usually are seen approximately 12 weeks after the end of the last session. 1-3 treatments may be recommended, with 5 to 6 weeks intervals in between visits.


Moles and/or suspicious dark lesions cannot be treated as they may become lighter from the treatments and this may delay diagnosis in case of a problem. You will need a doctor�s referral for pigmentation treatments. You may choose to see either your regular doctor or one of the highly competent doctors available on site.