Home Based IPL hair removal

Laser hair removal and IPL hair removal are among the most effective methods for removing unwanted hair from the body and keeping it off long term.

These methods allow a long-lasting solution with a minimum level of distress compared to temporary methods of hair removal like shaving, waxing, plucking, sugaring and application of hair removal creams and lotions.

With the recent clearance of certain laser or ipl home devices for home application by the FDA in USA and CE in Europe we should expect similar to happen in Australia and Melbourne.

Using laser hair removal at home is not only convenient but also affordable now. Or is it?

Home IPL hair removal Factors

Things to consider before ordering your very own home laser hair removal device:

  • IPL hair removal home device � not suitable for darker skin, in fact it is listed as contraindication for some of the ipl home use machines.
  • Safety of laser hair removal device - Laser hair removal devices should include some safety features to reduce the risk of exposure (intentional or unintentional) of the naked eye to the bright xenon lamp emission and to ensure that the weighted radiance values are less than the exposure limit values for retinal thermal hazard. Additionally some device list FACE as the area which should NOT be treated by the device. This make is useless for women with hormonal issues!
  • Efficiency of home hair removal device � extremely low energy used by home laser hair removal devices. This may mean that device is simply unable to deliver enough energy to heat up hair follicles to cause permanent or long-term damage to the follicle.
  • Value for money of home hair removal devices - Large body areas such as legs, chests, and backs may not be able to be completed before a lamp replacement is required
  • Speed of treatment of home use ipl device for hair removal � small spot sizes and a limited number of shots available per lamp may mean longer treatment times (but at least you can do it in the comfort of your own home!).

Currently, the following ipl devices for use at home are the most talked about gadgets in Australia

  • Rio Laser Hair Removal System (Cheltenham, UK)
  • Epila Laser (BNB Medical Co. Ltd., South Korea)
  • LB500 (Optodyne, Compton, CA)
  • Silk�n and Tria
  • no!no! by Thermicon (Radiancy Inc, Orangeburg, NY) - Non-light-based device

Remember, home based Hair Removal Systems are not for everyone.

  1. Light skin and dark hairs is the best combination.
  2. No facial treatments are permitted.

For more information one home hair removal devices as well as clinical trial paper on comparing the devices available please call Shines and Shimmers IPL clinic Melbourne on 03 9557 5755.

IPL hair removal Melbourne team is happy to discuss any issues or alternatives for all your IPL hair removal enquiries.