Choosing Fat Reduction treatments

Recently, there was a lot of publicity around a number of body contouring and localised fat reduction treatments, in particular Zeltiq CoolSculpting™ treatments in Melbourne and around Australia. We took a risk to compare the well publicised Zeltiq CoolSculpting and VelaShape against our very own MesoSlim and MesoFirm fat reduction, cellulite removal and body sculpting procedures.

As we age, fat tends to build up because they tend to lead a more inactive lifestyle. Fat is produced by the body when the diet provides the body with more calories than it needs for general maintenance and its current level of physical activity.

The problem with the body fat is not because it is not good; the problem lies with fat will accumulate in the body parts that generally you don't want it to accumulate in. Body fat in the waist area is not what many people will like to have. It is also not considered to be heart healthy. Interestingly, body fat on the hips and buttocks is not be too much of a bother for many people.

By the way, having sufficient body fat is quite good for your health. That being said, excessive body fat can have health implications if not taken seriously.


For those people who require fat and cellulite reduction or contouring on specific body parts, body sculpting procedure is the answer

We compare Zeltiq CoolSculpting and Velashape against MesoSlim and MesoFirm on the following factors:

  1. Risks of treatments
  2. Down time after each session
  3. Cost of procedure or of a treatment plan
  4. Satisfaction with the results and much more….

Ways to lose excess fat

The most obvious one is the removal of excess fat by consuming fewer calories than the body requires. The body's fat stores will be broken down to address the deficit.

What if you want to address body fat in one specific area?

Even the thinnest of people have a hard time getting rid of certain pockets of fat, such as those stubborn love handles. Targeted fat reduction is usually not possible through diet, or exercise. Those methods will generally reduce fat percentage overall, but you can’t use them to remove fat from specific areas of your body.

Zeltiq CoolSculpting vs Velashape vs MesoSlim and MesoFirm

Summary by benefits, technology and treatment price

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  Zeltiq CoolSculpting Velashape MesoSlim Ionithermie
SCIENCE Cool Sculpting by Zeltiq is a treatment to reduce fat. The scientific method used in cool sculpting is called "cryolipolysis" which basically means the freezing of fat cells.

During the CoolSculpting procedure, applicator delivers cooling to the treatment area to target underlying fat, leaving surface skin tissue unaffected.

When fat cells are exposed to extreme cold, it triggers a process of natural removal, which gradually reduces the thickness of the fat layer.

This procedure attempts to use heat for localised fat deposits. The idea is for the heat from the Radio Frequency and the infrared light elements of the device stimulate the energy “trapped” in the skin’s fat cells, causing them to gradually shrink.

The device’s also uses mechanical rollers which create friction and massage like effect.

This is designed to manipulate soft tissue and create smoothing effects on the skin

MesoSlim procedure is an effective treatment for localised fat reduction. For treatment to be successful it requires two components

1. A highly effective formulation of minerals, vitamins, algae extracts and medicinal ingredients and

2. A way to deliver the ingredients to fat cells (electroporation or virtual needle mesotherapy)

The actives in cocktail work directly on the fat cells, penetrating cellular membrane and liquefying the cell. Waste produced is naturally evacuated via lymphatic system

It involves the use of a hand-held device, which transmits two gentle forms of low-level electrical stimuli through conductive clay.

It makes cellular membrane more permeable for active substances penetration into the deeper layer of the skin.

Acives stimulate the circulation, tones the skin, balances the hormones, works as anti-inflammatory.

Micronised algae stimulates metabolism, eliminates excess fluid, aids lymphatic drainage, re-mineralizes and slims and detoxifies.

OUTCOME Localized reduction and dissolution of fat Minimizing cellulite dimpling Localised fat reduction and fat dissolving Firm up skin and muscles. Reduction in cellulite & stretch marks
RESULTS Takes 2 months after the session to see the results The effect is not immediate. Many patients reports the need to wait several weeks to see a significant reduction in cellulite  

Results are visible either immediately or within 1 week


Approximately an hour per treatment area

PROCEDURE Treatment adapter will attach with sufficient suction to complete the treatment Treatment is delivered via a pulsed vacuum method the device implements in combination with the Radio frequency and light energies Treatment is delivered via electroporation and mesotherapy methods with hand piece firm massaged over the treatment area by therapist Specialised active ingredients are applied to the problem areas. A conductive thermal clay & algae mask is applied. Two gentle stimuli are introduced
TREATMENT DELIVERY Once the tissue is in treatment adapter operator leaves the room. Patient is left alone for the duration of treatment  

Operator stays in the room to deliver the treatment for the full duration of session

WHAT AREAS CAN BE DONE The more tissue is available the better it is as tissue is sucked into a treatment adapter.

Areas that can be done are abdomen, sides, flanks, love handles, inner thighs, and in some people outer thighs and arms

Many areas of the body can be treated. However, patients report that best results seem to be achieved by treating cellulite on the thighs, buttock and abdomen Although some areas respond better than others there are no exclusions of body parts, so even upper neck and calves can be worked on The following areas show excellent results: Hips, Knees, Thighs, Arms, Buttocks, Bust
TIGHTNESS OF SKIN Skin NOT tighten Some degree of tightening and smoothing of skin MesoSlim and MesoFirm combination ensures there is no excess skin hanging after the treatments. Skin is lifted and tightened Your skin is smoother, firmer, tighter
ELASTICITY IMPROVEMENT There are reports of lost skin elasticity and tone after procedure Nor reported There is evidence of skin gaining its elasticity and tone with MesoSlim/Firm treatment combination The contours of your silhouette are sleeker
CELLULITE REDUCTION Cellulite is not improved Minimizing cellulite dimpling Skin appears smoother and firmer The appearance of cellulite is reduced.
PAIN FACTOR 1. Pain and bruising as a result of the machine squeezing down on your skin after the procedure for at least a month has been reported

2. Redness in the treated area

3. Swelling in the treated area

4. Loss of sensation or tingling which can last up to 1 or 2 weeks after treatment

1. No significant pain reported however some bruising occasionally may be experienced

2. Some short lasting redness in treated area

3.Some swelling is possible, it usually quickly subsides

1. No pain or bruises. Treatments are pleasant and relaxing as smooth surface of hand piece firmly massages the skin during treatment

2. Slight pinkness, lasting 15min

3. No swelling or bruising



4. All sensations are the same before and after the procedure

AREA PER SESSION One area is about the size of your hand

Each "love-handle" would be considered one area and Lower abdomen two areas

You can treat more than one area at a single office visit, but one area at a time.

To treat two areas takes just over two hours

Area treated depends on the operator/patient discussion

Sessions can last from 20 to 60 minutes, depending on how large an area of your skin is being treated

One area is approximately A4 size paper

It takes between 45 and 60 min to treat each A4 size area

You can do more than one area per visit and it will take longer.

Maximum of 2 areas per week can be treated so your liver is not overburdened with the fat it needs to process

Area treated depends on the operator/patient discussion.

It takes between 45 and 60 min to treat each area

You can do more than one area per visit and it will take longer

PRICE Zeltiq Coolsculpting will set you back between $800 and $1200 per area per session. Some operators offer slight reduction in price for subsequent areas The price of one standard session varies from $300 to $450, with discounts for a package purchases MesoSlim and Mesofirm sessions are only $199 per session. Ionithemie $250.

A number of packages exist to take the financial burden off you eg. our very popular Grand Fat Melt Pack


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™ and VelaShape


$1050 or 2 payments of $525

All for the Price of 6 MesoSlim sessions
Save $806!!

Each paramedical or aesthetic treatment is an investment into your body, your self confidence and self esteem.

Return on investment should be on your mind when you think that you will be spending almost $1000 for the Zeltiq Coolsculpting procedure or Fat Reduction Pack with MesoSlim or MesoFirm.

meso firm

Another issue is that some people have reported that Zeltiq Coolsculpting is not worth it because they have not been able to see any perceptible change in their body fat. Others however, did think Coolsculpting was worth the money.


The question is, are you willing to spend nearly $1000 to find out if Coolsculpting will work for you? You can try MesoSlim for a fraction of the price of Cool Sculpting.


MesoSlim / MesoFirm costs $199 and you can currently try it for only $179 and see the results next day (or week) and decide if you ready to save more money and lose more fat and cellulite with the Melbourne’s best known Grand Fat Melt Pack with combination of MesoTherapy, Ionithermie, Presor Therapy and other products

meso firm presor ionithermie green coffee shaping gel




To prolong and increase the long term benefits of the Fat Melt Detox treatments, it is essential to combine with the Home Care Products.

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