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IPL Hair Removal treatments in Melbourne

At Shines and Shimmers Melbourne IPL hair removal clinic, we take great care and attention to provide what we feel is the most optimum service to fulfil all your needs for maximum hair reduction and permanent results. And we doing that since 2002, not many clinics can our experience and attitude towards you.

what is Melbourne IPL hair removal?

ipl hair removal

IPL hair removal is one of the most popular laser-based aesthetic procedures available today. It can provide permanent reduction of unwanted hair for your face and body.

IPL devices are well suited for the removal of unwanted facial and body hair, because with the right selection of parameters you can achieve the most versatile IPL hair removal treatment for almost any skin and hair type.

IPL hair removal is a fast, non-invasive method of disabling the hair structure without damaging the surrounding tissue.

With IPL hair removal numerous hair follicles can be treated simultaneously allowing for rapid coverage of large areas.

How S&S Melbourne IPL device different?

ipl square pulse

Unlike standard IPL systems, it uses a novel pulse system that ensures distinct pulses with the ability to provide a number of separate sequences of light pulsing within what appears to the eye as a single flash.

In addition the energy delivered to the flash lamp in a way that contrasts dramatically with other less-advanced systems. This leads to a constant spectrum output or ‘square pulse’ which is critical to improved clinical efficacy and greater protection against skin burns.

There are many IPL machines on the market of varied power output and effectiveness. Generally, the less sophisticated and less powerful machines are the cheaper the treatments in the salons. There are number of other factors affecting Laser hair removal price or IPL hair removal specials.

Marketing of inexpensive unreliable devices and inadequately trained staff can cause side effects or ineffective treatments but it also allows many new salons to jump on the IPL hair removal band wagon.

what ipl hair removal can do for you?

IPL hair removal treatment can be used on most of your face or body including bikini line, under arms, legs and stomach. Suits IPL hair removal Man and women

The hair removal treatment works best on new hairs that are just starting to grow, which is why you will need several treatments in the same area to deal with all the hairs as they begin their growth cycle.

what IPL hair removal can't do?

Using a IPL to remove hair probably won't remove 100% of hair permanently, but it will generally reduce growth significantly (by 80-95%), and any hair re-growth is likely to be paler and weaker, requiring minimal maintenance.

IPL hair removal procedures target pigment [melanin] in the hair, so they are not as effective on lighter hair and non effective on white, grey or platinum blonde hair.

what happens during a IPL hair removal procedure?

You will need to wear special goggles to protect your eyes.

Transparent (not blue!) conductive gel will be applied to the treatment area.

The flash of light stings as it flashes onto your skin. Each shot lasts only milliseconds so it’s very quick. You may need to allow anywhere between 2 and 60min for treatment, depending on the area of your face or body.

The same area is treated with the IPL device every time you come in, until all the hair follicles have been treated. After your IPL hair removal treatment the skin may look a little pink or red and sometimes may be slightly swollen. This usually disappears within 20min to 24 hours.

IPL hair removal the risks

IPL hair removal works best, and has fewest risks, on pale skin.

ipl and sun

The following is not permitted

  • sun bathing before and after treatment for at least 6 weeks to avoid skin pigmentation
  • ipl hair removal treatment if you are particularly sensitive to light or have any infection around the place to be treated
  • have ipl hair removal treatment if you have been treated for acne with Isotretinoin or Roacutaine at least 2-6 months prior

Ipl hair removal conclusion

  1. Waxing or shaving is tedious, repetitive, painful. It produces ingrown hairs with skin inflammation, infections and only encourages increased hair regrowth for the future.
  2. Home based Hair Removal systems are not for everyone. Light skin and dark hairs is the best combination. No facial treatments are permitted.
  3. Professional permanent IPL Hair Reduction in Melbourne  is now possible with the latest and most powerful IPL machines.
  4. At Shines and Shimmers Melbourne IPL clinic, we take great care and attention to provide what we feel is the most optimum service to fulfil all your needs for maximum hair reduction and permanent results. We customize  individual treatment plans just for You.
  5. You can remove unwanted hair from your body right from the upper lip to full back & front (abdomen/chest). Male intermediating with Cheeks, chin, Full Face/Neck, Underarms, Full legs, Buttocks etc.
  6. Ipl hair removal price become more affordable with payment schemes, regular specials on hair removal individual sessions and ipl hair removal packages of multiple sessions

For a convenient and comfortable IPL hair removal in Melbourne look no further.

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