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Melbourne IPL Hair Removal

The challenge for many women is initially admitting there is a problem and then finding the method that best suits for you.

Hair removal method which fits your lifestyle, budget, and is of course a safe and effective procedure that can produce permanent results.


IPL hair reduction principles


There are many different laser and IPL permanent hair reduction systems available today, but they all work using the same laws of physics of light and the principal of selective photothermolysis.

The principal states that light is absorbed by a specific target (in this case melanin – pigment in the hair follicle) leaving the rest of tissue alone.

Many sources describe it in various ways eg. a carefully timed pulse of laser energy passes through the skin and is absorbed and converted to heat energy at the hair follicle etc. The principle however remains the same and all IPL hair removal devices work using this principle.

IPL laser Risk


Although there are some risks associated with all light-based treatments, most people experience minimal discomfort and describe treatments as “being flicked with a rubber band”.

Permanent hair reduction methods including IPL hair removal can cause a number of not serious, temporary side effects which only last for about 15-30minutes.

  1. Oedema (swelling of any organ die to excessive fluid) and erythema (redness of skin) are common occurrences post many laser treatments and IPL hair removal sessions.
  2. In very rare circumstance more serious side effects can occur including burning and even blistering. These serious side effects effect more individuals with darker skin types.
  3. Other unpleasant side effects can include changes such as darkening or lightening of the skin that could last few days, weeks, months or in extremely rare cases can be long term permanent.

ipl hair removal contraindicators

The main contributors to side effects are contraindications to laser hair removal or IPL hair removal services.

Contraindications include exposure to sun before and after treatments, some medical conditions and some medications or herbal preparations.

During the initial professional consultation our Melbourne IPL hair removal clinic usually covers all the basis to make sure you have no lifestyle or medical contraindications to the treatments.

IPL Side effects

There is a very small chance of scarring or infection. Immediate side effects if any are frequently minor and short lived.

Most patients tolerate the procedure well, but some areas of the body are more sensitive than others which is why they experience these side effects. This is very normal even with other forms of skin treatments.

Patients usually return to their normal activities right away.

Our permanent hair reduction system has an active cooling system to gently treat hair while protecting the surrounding skin.

If you're thinking of having IPL hair removal on any part of your face or body please invest half an hour of your time and attend our complimentary educational session/professional consultation to learn about IPL hair removal procedure and how it works.

The consultations are complimentary and are completely obligation free. It is your chance to get answers to all your questions and to assess our IPL hair removal therapists’ knowledge and professionalism.

We’re certain you will be impressed!

For a convenient and comfortable IPL hair removal Melbourne look no further.

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