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IPL hair removal price Melbourne

The cost of IPL laser hair removal is a major factor for most patients considering the procedure.

You will be glad to learn that there are lots of laser hair removal clinics that make affordable payment schemes available for you, us included.
IPL hair removal specials are also available in Melbourne hair removal clinic.

IPL hair removal Price Factors

You might assume that costs of laser hair removal and IPL hair removal treatments should be indistinguishable for any potential customer but the fact is that the time and effort for the laser hair clinic varies greatly on your own specific characteristics of hair growth. Just like IPL, Laser Hair Removal Prices depend on the following factors:

  1. Type of laser or IPL permanent hair reduction machinery used in the clinic
  2. The specifics of laser hair removal clinic involved (franchise, privately owned) and its location
  3. Package deals organised by ipl hair removal clinic
  4. IPL specials on a day or month (many clinics have frequently changing laser hair removal specials)
  5. Size of the area to be treated (the smaller the area of treatment the less you’ll pay). Usually man laser hair removal 20% more expensive due to area size
  6. Type and color of skin and hairs (some clinics specialise in light skin only and do not have the skill set to treat dark skin types)
  7. Density of hairs in the treatment area (the thicker the hair the better light absorption and result)

Examples of IPL Hair Removal Cost

The table below provides a rough guide to the charge to treat specific body areas in Melbourne.

Area No of sessions Time, min Charge per treatment
Underarm 6-8 15 $72.00 - $145.00
Bikini 4-8 20 $110.00 - $300.00
Face 7-9 15 $125.00 - $250.00
Upper lip 7-9 5 $42.00 - $85.00
Chest 4-8 45-60 $275.00 - $450.00
Chin 7-9 15 $42.00 - $85.00
½ Legs 4-6 45-60 $225.00 - $450.00


Why Cheap hair removal is Not Always the Best Bet?

Cheap laser hair removal is not always the best option. It is critical that the technician that performs your laser hair removal treatment had IPL hair removal training and has enough experience in laser IPL hair removal.

With laser hair removal's popularity on the rise, laser hair removal clinics franchises are opening nationwide. Unfortunately, most of them bring in cheap Asian made machinery that may be not only ineffective but also unsafe and can cause issues for you in the future once you figure out they don’t work.

Miniaturisation of hair (turning thicker hairs into thinner hairs) can be one of those issues. If the hairs are too thin even the most advanced, high quality European or American device will not be able to remove them.

cheap laser hair removal

With the sell of lasers devices not limited to qualified technicians only, and the companies that sell lasers only requiring the buyers to attended a three hour session on how to use the product they are selling it enables just about anyone to open a laser hair removal clinic without attending school or any sort of IPL training.

In addition, this allows inexperienced, unprofessional people to administer laser hair removal and ipl hair removal treatments. This means treatments may be not as effective and unsafe.

People who have not gone to ipl hair removal school will often be able to afford to perform cheap laser hair removal opposed to those who have paid to attend school and trainings to properly learn how to administer laser hair removal. Using an inexperienced technicians because of it is less inexpensive is not a good enough reason to put your health at risk.

Experienced technicians know what lasers to use with what skin types and what IPL parameters to select for each skin type and hair type.

In the event of side effect and IPL hair removal incident (eg hypopigmentation, Blistering, scabbing) trained and experienced laser clinic will know what to do to help clients fast recovery. Cheap laser hair removal technician will panic in despair.

What is an effective IPL hair removal?

How much hair it removes depends on the professional doing the removing and the equipment being used. The most effective laser hair removal treatment requires four to five treatments as a minimum. Maintenance treatments are required to keep areas hair free. Over time, fewer treatments are required to keep an area clear. The type of treatment and frequency may vary from person to person.

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