The effect of the treatment session becomes apparent after about six to eight weeks as the active ingredients works on breaking down the fat cells in the injected area.

Help your natural metabolic process to eliminate melted fat away from your body.

LipoDissolve facts

Lipo-dissolve injections have become very trendy to remove excess fat in Melbourne.

Procedure Name Lipodissolve
Alternative Names Injection lipolysis, fat dissolve, non-invasive liposuction, non-surgical liposuction, injectable body sculpting
Clinical Outcome Gradual removal of localized fat deposits
Treatment Price $750 for full kit (250 mls of our lipodissolve solution).
The number of areas treated depends on how many kg you would like to lose & how much fat is in each body area
Alternative Options/ Additional products Virtual MesoTherapy MesoScience

dissolve fat deposits

The procedure involves the injection of mixtures of cocktails of various vitamins and medicinal ingredients into the fat tissue through multiple microinjections administered over the treated area.


Injectable solution

  • The main ingredient in Lipodissolve is phosphatidylcholine (PC). Phosphatidylcholine is a natural product found in our body. Its main role in the body is to help emulsify and breakdown fat and cholesterol. It is also a key constituent of our cell membranes and high density lipoproteins (the good cholesterol).

    The phosphatidylcholine that is used for lipodissolve is usually derived from soybeans and has the same molecular structure as the phosphatidylcholine in our bodies.

  • Second important component of lipodissolve solution is deoxycholate (DC). Deoxycholate function is to dissolve the fatty body cells contents into a emulsion soluble in the circulation. This emulsion slowly removed from the body over the next 10 weeks via the intestines and as a source of fuel for your body. That is another benefit of lipodissolve as it forces your body to burn and utilise your unwanted body fat

    The deoxycholate is a bile derivative helps break down fats into fatty acids, which can be taken into the body by the digestive tract

  • Other ingredients inlcude multivitamins, alpha lipid acid, enzymes and plant extracts

Who is a lipodissolve candidate?

  • People of all shapes and sizes. It is suited to people who have problem fatty areas and would also like to lose weight. It is also ideally suited to those with lean figures desiring refinement of one or more problem areas
  • Lipodissolve is best for people that are not interested in liposuction and are looking for a potentially easier way to lose weight without surgery
  • It is a good alternative to surgery for those who are prone to scarring
  • It is also a good option for those who don't want to have surgery for lipomas for whatever reason, or if there are a very large number of lipomas on the body. Lipodissolve is injected into the lipomas and this helps them to shrink down to a smaller size
  • Everyone wishing to improve skin laxity. Liposuction tends to aggravate skin laxity
  • The areas the are best and qualify for treatment are basically any area above the knees except for women’s breasts. As an example it is very commonly used on thighs, butts, stomachs, and the face.
  • The majority of people that receive the lipodissolve treatments need three or four treatments to finish the process. It is important for people that have the treatments to eat healthy and exercise before and after the treatments in order to see the best results


Who is not suitable for Lipodissolve?

Lipodissolve is not recommended for children, pregnancy, breast feeding or if you suffer from (active – cancer, HIV AIDS, Hepatitis B or C) or a severe end stage metabolic disease.

Lipodissolve is not suitable for people suffering from anorexia nervosa and the extremely overweight who have a medical or psychological impediment to their weight loss.

Also patients who have severe liver or kidney problems, auto-immune diseases such as Lupus, or immunodeficiency are not candidates for Lipodissolve treatments

It is not recommended for women during periods. The therapy can become uncomfortable and can increase bruising.

Lipo-dissolve procedure

Lipo-dissolve procedure involves an average of 2-4 treatment sessions per area. In our Melbourne Lipodissolve clinic sessions are usually recommended 4-8 weeks apart.

The injected solution triggers an inflammatory response as the fat cells are broken down and evacuated from the body with the help of bowel, kidney and liver.

Lipo-dissolve injections and weight loss

Lipodissolve is not a viable means to lose weight. The ideal candidate for Lipo-dissolve would be at a healthy weight but possesses localized fat deposits that cannot be reduced by exercise and diet.

Lipodissolve may be successful in reducing inches but may not show any reduction in actual weight.

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