Ever starved yourself to lose weight?

Many people believe that one of the easiest way to lose weight is to simple not eat.

This is not right not only because it doesn’t work but also because it can lead to some very serious health problems in a long run

So, you're on a mission!!! You're all ready!! You got a team of dietician and perhaps a personal trainer working with you. But all you hear from them is - you have to cut your calories intake to no more than 1200 calories a day? So you cut and cut…. and struggle and struggle…. and….. you give up…… just to feel bad again…. just to feel that you failed… then you start again….

Many people who want to get a leaner body and more toned contours just get FED UP with no results. Even when they make an executive decision “I had enough, I’ll just limit what I eat” as they get more and more anxious to get the kilos off as fast as possible!

Well, it certainly works in the beginning, because there’s a HUGE calorie deficit at first, but there’s also a HUGE delusion:

When you cut your calories too far, eventually YOUR BODY ADAPTS.

The starvation mode

Your metabolic rate slows down in order to protect you. This “defense mechanism” which is often called, “the starvation response" or "starvation mode” then kicks in. Starvation mode is a state in which the body is responding to prolonged periods of low energy intake levels.

If you get less energy from food than your body needs, your body looks to get the energy deficit from some other source.

starving to lose weight

• Your body can get energy by burning up fat tissue

• Your body can get energy by burning up lean tissues. Lean tissue include muscle tissue, organ tissue, and bone tissue

 • Your body can get energy by burning fat tissue and lean tissue

• Your body will likely burn up lean tissue if it thinks you are starving  

If your body consumes lean tissue to make up for the energy you are not getting from food.

5 Consequences when your body goes into starvation mode

lipase hormones

Your body releases fewer fat-releasing and fat-burning enzymes such as hormone sensitive lipase and lipoprotein lipase.


lipase hormones

Your fat cells release less of the hormone leptin, which is the signal that tells your brain you are well fed and not starving (it’s the “anti-starvation” hormone)


lipase hormones

Fat burning hormones crash, including your levels of T3 (no, not the latest Arnold terminator movie, T3 is the active form of thyroid hormone, the important “metabolism-regulating hormone” that you’ve probably heard about before).

You lose muscle. Muscle is metabolically-active tissue, which means it takes a lot of energy just to keep it. When you’re “starving,” you’re in an “engery crisis”, so excess muscle is the LAST thing you need. Muscle becomes expendable, and your body cannibalizes your own lean tissue.

Appetite hormones go ballistic. When you’re starving, a part of your brain called the hypothalamus switches into high gear and flips the appetite switch, sometimes to the point where you become literally insane and cannot fight these physiological cravings with willpower.

As soon as you start eating again, your body will begin to store that food as fat for the next shock treatment (starvation period). It's self-preservation. Proper diet and exercise would be much more effective in the long run.

RESULT: It’s hormonally, metabolically and physiologically impossible to achieve permanent fat loss by starving yourself.

low calorie diet problems

Low Calorie Diets problem

In the long run, very low calorie diets can actually make you fatter. Weight is typically regained because there has not been a change in the lifestyle that led to the original weight gain. When the starvation diet is ended, you return to the same old habits.

The scale will indicate the weight regain, but it will not identify the composition of the added weight. You end up with less muscle and a slower metabolism than when you started.

Weight regained, is fat. When fat replaces the muscle mass that was lost during starvation, the metabolic rate (the number of calories needed to maintain the current weight) is decreased. Frustrated you initiate another starvation-type diet only to continue this cycle

Here are my 7 “BURN THE FAT” Action Steps

fat loss


Identify a realistic weight loss goal. That goal should never exceed 10% of initial weight in a six-month period. After six months, try to maintain the loss for a few months before considering further weight loss. Plan some time aside per week for food preparation, sport and boost treatments such as presor, ioni and meso


Instead of adopting the mindset of short-term “diets,” you must adopt the mindset of lifelong “habits”. A habit is a behaviour that you perform automatically without much conscious thought or effort. Once a habit is firmly established – good or bad – it takes enormous strength to break it, like swimming upstream against a current.

So this, once again, goes back to your organisational and planning skills. Make it a habit to walk every second morning, create a new habit of eating fruit only for breakfast or to only have salad and lean protein every night for dinner, get used to getting your cellulite reduction treatment every Saturday afternoon. Do it long enough it becomes a second nature


Avoid very low calorie diets. Actually, avoid all diets! The goal should be 4 - 6 small meals/snacks that result in a balanced intake. My trainer once told me that if I consume fats and carbs (excluding vegetables) after 3 pm they go directly into storage (my body thinks hips are a great place to store!). So, just vegetables, fruit and protein at 3pm+ from now on - you'll be surprised how much this little change will get you in terms of results!


We customise ALL your facials. Why? Because everyone's different! So, make sure your calories are customized. If a diet program recommends the same amount of calories for everyone; that should be a red flag to stay away. It could be perfect for someone else, but may starve you to death… literally actually for some of your organs and cells.


Decrease calories just a little below maintenance, VERY conservatively – only about 20% below your daily maintenance level. A mild calorie cut doesn’t trigger the starvation response as much. For example: If you’re female and you maintain your weight on 2150 calories per day, a 20% deficit is 1720 calories per day (correct). Conventional diets might have you slash to 1000 or 1200 calories per day or less without emphasis on exercise (incorrect).


If you only cut calories slightly below maintenance, then how do you reduce body fat without the process taking forever? This one is so simple! All you need to do is increase physical activity. Simple, you BURN more calories and increase your deficit by increasing your physical activity. Depending on your current muscle mass you might be able to burn anywhere from 300 to 700 calories per training session of only 45min!!! That's more than half a day of calories!!! If you do it four times a week - you burnt two days of food intake!! Just picture the results!

Aim for at least 3 days per week of strength training to rebuild the lost muscle mass (this will help increase your fat burning capacity). Additionally, do 3 days of moderate cardio exercise. If you happen to plateau, add an extra cardio session or increase intensity or duration of your workout. Whatever you do, chose an activity you'll enjoy - you're more likely to stick to it.

burn fat


There are plenty of programs that have been trailed and tested and are science based. Chose one you like and get onto it! Commitment is the word for the on cellulite & fat reduction programs.

You will increase lymphatic drainage and blood circulation. You will improve absorption of active ingredients into the lower skin layers under optimum conditions. You will help your body melt fat, evacuate it and ensure your body gets the right kind of reshaping and re-contouring. In addition introduce topical cellulite and body-firming products to the problem areas to speed up the results.

So, the bottom line is:
The first secret to permanent fat loss is to

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