When we are stressed, our breathing becomes more rapid and shallow, our heart works harder and even digestion slows down. Migraines, depression, and hypertension are all chains of chronic stress.

Massage therapy can help to relieve tension and counteract the effects of stress on your body.

Full Body Aroma Relaxation Massage

- at least 30min/ 60min massage time in each session

Our signature Full Body Aroma Relaxation sessions will calm and revive your skin and ease the tension in your body muscles. Your massage therapist will pay a special attention to your back and shoulders, your arms and hands, your legs and feet as well as your scalp.

Your skin will be nourished and massaged with a unique combination of organic pure essential oils blended with sweet almond massage oil. The soft aroma of the oil blend combined with the professional touch of our therapists guarantee a pleasant, invigorating experience.

Scalp, Neck & Shoulders Reliever

- at least 30min massage time in each session

This treatment is uniquely designed to help reduce stress levels and loosen up your neck, shoulders and head muscles. You will feel your body releasing the tension while the skilled hands of our therapists work methodically on the area. An exclusive blend of organic oils is used for this treatment. This session may help relieve tension headaches.

Hands Bliss or Feet Bliss

(combo avail) - at least 30min massage time in each session

The amount of work our hands do on a daily basis is almost unbelievable. Yet, too often they are the most neglected part of our body. This exceptionally relaxing session starts with a soak in warm refreshing water infused with a rare mixture of oils. Gentle scrub takes away dull cells while an exclusive blend of organic oils softens and nourishes your skin. Not only this session will revitalize and refresh every cell of your overworked hands it will breathe life into them.

Dry Skin Brushing

- at least 20min skin brushing time and 5min massage time in each session

This ancient procedure is only gaining popularity now. During dry skin brushing dead cells are removed from the surface of your skin, leaving it smoother and softer. Organic oils are massaged into your skin to aid curative process at the end of each session.

Dry brushing benefits

  • help with cellulite removal
  • cleans the lymphatic system
  • removes dead skin layers
  • strengthens the immune system
  • stimulates the hormone and oil glands
  • tightens the skin by increasing the flow of blood tones the muscles
  • stimulates circulation
  • improves the function of the nervous system
  • helps digestion

Detox Foot Spa

- home based foot spa treatment

Detox foot spa is a gentle non-invasive therapy which re-energises the body and helps support the body to detoxify naturally, helping restore your natural equilibrium and well being.

Butt Facials Melbourne

- at least 40min in each session

Don’t turn your back on a notoriously hard to reach, often neglected area. It’s time to indulge in a skin treatment that will re-energise your soul and skin and leave your skin healthy, glowing and rejuvenated

Baby Massage

- at least 20min in each session

Recent studies have shown that baby massage may help the immune system, stimulate growth, encourage better sleep habits, and reduce stress.

Warm Salt Crystal Massage Rocks

can be used during the massage treatments to aid relaxation and go a little deeper into the main muscle groups. Salt Crystal Stones are beneficial for many skin conditions including eczema and psoriasis. Please be notified that if you have small wounds on your skin, it may feel a little tingly after the session. This is a normal reaction to salt properties of the rocks and will go away shortly after the end of the session. Please advise your massage therapist AT THE TIME OF BOOKING if you wish to use the stones, so they can be properly prepared prior to your arrival. There is no extra charge.


we only use natural ingredients of the finest quality to prepare products for all pamper and massage experiences. Products contain 100% organic essential oil blends, vitamins and minerals. Please advise your therapist if you have any allergies to any of these ingredients. At this stage all Shines & Shimmers massage and skin brushing services are performed at Chadstone Shopping Centre clinic only.

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