Skeyndor products are result driven and innovative, utilising the most up to date scientific ingredients.

Skeyndor originated in 1966 in Terrassa, a lovely town 20 kilometres North of Barcelona. Since then it has been ranked among top 15 famous professional cosmetic brand names in the world.

Various Skeyndor products have won awards over the years. According to the company, a number of celebrities use the products, including Monica Belluci, Penelope Cruz and our own Nicole Kidman. The brand includes over 200 products for a variety of skin care needs.

The quality of SKEYNDOR products is the result of scrupulous research and subsequent manufacturing of all and every one of their products. Already existing products are continuously being re-formulated and improved, to adapt to the innovations that arise in the market.

Skeyndor products are made for use at home, in spas and professional beauty salons and skin clinics.

The company’s products, made using a combination of marine and plant ingredients are said by the company to “combine science and nature”.

Skeyndor products and treatment programs include

skeyndor skin care

Skeyndor Eternal vs Skeyndor Corerctive - compare and pick facial treatment for your skin and condition

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