Enables high-concentration active substance directly penetrate into deep-seated skin layer. It opens the water channel entrance of cells membrane and penetrates into cells membrane through hair follicle, sweat glands and cutin layer.

The absorption ratio of active ingredients increased over 2000 times.

Mesotherapy.. Lypodissolve.. Lypolisys.. etc... etc....... They all mean virtually the same thing. Getting rid of fat, reducing cellulite, loosing inches etc.

Original Mesotherapy uses needles to deliver substances that help break down fat cells and evacuating toxins and waste material via lymphatic system. Along the pain factor there are other unpleasant side effects (bruises, discomfort after the procedure, swelling, costs – from $350-$550 per session & at least 4 sessions are necessary).

What we offer is the new Virtual Skeyndor Mesotherapy which uses electromagnetic current concept – electroporation. This new concept is founded on the phenomenon, discovered by Dr Praunist, based on 2003 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

electroporation process

This remarkable method allows us to deliver highly potent natural ingredients into the deep layer of the skin (the fatty layer) to achieve extraordinary results. There are four components to the technology. I’ll briefly explain each of them.


Activating Current

Promotes greater vascularisation ensuring maximum amount of active ingredient is absorbed uniformly. As a positive “side effect” can reduce appearance of spider veins and enlarged capillaries.


Help active ingredients in water solutions to penetrate inside the skin tissue and transports molecules across the dermal barrier.


Promotes electropermeability of the cell membrane which helps the passage of substances. (This is “virtual needle” part of the discovery).


Application of cold temperature to lock the active ingredients into the skin cells. It also moves substances into lower layers under optimum conditions so that more is reabsorbed. This improves the performance of the solution’s active ingredients.

Phew... that might be enough for now. Or... perhaps it’s not....

cellulite treatments

Let’s talk about the active ingredients and unique formulations which make these extraordinary results possible for  cellulite reduction, wrinkles removal, body contouring and acne removal


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